Libra appoints former FinCEN director as its legal advisor

On May 19 Libra, the organization behind the Facebook stablecoin project, announced the appointment of Robert Werner as its legal advisor, in what appears to be an ongoing strategy of reconciliation with regulators.

Werner has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, including serving as a director of FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) and overseeing the corporate executive of HSBC and Goldman Sachs for policy and regulation.

Libra has just made a lot of changes to better suit the regulators

Robert Werner’s background
Werner is also the founder and former CEO of GRH Consulting, and previously served as director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and as a senior consultant to the U.S. Treasury Secretary.

„I have dedicated my career to fighting financial crime and helping complex organizations achieve regulatory compliance, both in government and the private sector,“ said Werner.

„I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Pound, as we work to transform the global payments landscape to empower billions ? of people and look forward to contributing significantly to such a powerful project,“ he added.

Obama’s Under Secretary of Terrorism Named Libra CEO

Working with veterans
Hiring Werner shows Libra’s excellent commitment in the midst of efforts to define U.S. regulations.

On May 6, Libra announced Stuart Levey, former Assistant Secretary of Terrorism in President Barack Obama’s administration, as its first CEO.

Since Facebook introduced the stablecoin bill last year, Libra has faced a backlash from regulators, which led Libra to implement changes to its white paper in an attempt to alleviate legislators‘ concerns.

An economist says stablecoin Libra remains the biggest threat facing Bitcoin

Libra is said to be Bitcoin’s rival
Speaking to Cointelegraph last month, economist John Vaz argued that Libra could be the biggest threat to Bitcoin (BTC) as the leading digital currency.

„They are aiming at a market that is ready for

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them, in the sense that people are already trading on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, which are the largest in the medium. So they have message traffic and these people are already doing transactions using Fiat.

Libra will launch with „a great ‚domain possibility‘, perhaps more than any other cryptomone currency,“ Vaz added.